Idaho Concrete Polishing

Idaho Concrete Polishing
Idaho Concrete Polishing

We are currently providing Idaho concrete polishing services, floor stripping, and floor waxing the following cities and surrounding areas in Idaho:

  • Moscow
  • Lewiston
  • Boise

Don’t see your area listed in our service range? We are expanding in the Northwest rapidly and we may be able to add your area soon, so give us a call just the same.

Without the use of any coatings we can transform most concrete slabs into a beautiful and high performance floor that is low maintenance and energy efficient.

Polished concrete is suitable for industrial and residential settings because of the hard wearing capabilities.

Choosing polished concrete is a great way to have a low maintenance, environmentally friendly floor surface. because you can polish the already existing concrete in most buildings, you can eliminate the cost of applying a new floor. Polished concrete also reflects 30% more light.

Even with the sheen glass look of a polished concrete floor, it always meets and quite often exceeds OSHA standards for floors and has a higher coefficient of friction making it less likely for people to slip on it.

Idaho Concrete Surface Prep / Concrete Floor Prep

We will prepare your concrete floor for new coatings or floor coverings. We use our concrete grinders to remove mastic, old epoxy coatings, glue down carpet, concrete stain and seal, linoleum glue, and profile floors to receive new coatings.

Our process leaves a smooth finish on concrete to receive other coatings and floor coverings.

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